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ARMI’s mission is to promote a broad-based understanding of the Risk Management and Insurance (RMIN), Personal Financial Planning (PFPL) and Risk Management: Insurance and Finance (RMIF) concentrations. ARMI brings together students and industry professionals, including alumni, to help promote and develop a better understanding of the risk management industry.

We promote our core values of professionalismintegrity, and teamwork through events and other activities organized by ARMI.


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About Risk Management 

The Risk Management and Insurance concentration focuses on the risks of working in business. Concentration is provided by the Haskayne School of Business with one of two concentrations; risk management and insurance, or risk management, insurance, and finance. Without risk management and insurance, businesses would more often be put out of business by unpredictable losses. Fewer individuals could own homes, drive cars, attain adequate medical attention, and provide financial security for their families. The business of assuming risk from others is becoming increasingly sophisticated and global in nature. This makes the insurance industry an exciting and challenging place to work.




Risk Management and Insurance (RMIN) 

Students pursuing a concentration in Risk Management and Insurance acquire a broad background in the area, and the necessary skills for entry level positions in the field. A survey of the entire discipline is presented in the introductory RMIN course (RMIN 317). Advanced courses provide specialized training in Risk Management, Property and Liability Insurance, Life and Health Insurance, and Employee Benefits. With this combination of courses students develop the necessary skills to begin a rewarding career.

Those students completing this degree earn two credits towards their CIP (Chartered Insurance Professional) designation and are offered the opportunity to challenge exams to receive at least three others. In addition, BComm graduates receive up to six credits toward their FCIP (Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional) designation.

Personal Financial Planning (PFPL)

Canadians face tremendous financial challenges in coming 20 years. Experts predict the greatest wealth transfer in history to occur as those possessing the wealth of the post-war economic boom leave that wealth to children and grandchildren. The baby-boom generation needs professional assistance in managing the newly acquired wealth transfer and in planning their retirements.

Efforts are underway to make students in this program eligible to challenge the examination to qualify as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). Check with RMIN faculty for an update.



Finance and Risk management and Insurance (RMIF)

A double concentration that combines elements of Risk Management and Insurance with Finance was introduced in 1999-2000. Students pursuing this concentration will be well prepared for the convergence which is currently occurring in the Financial Services Industry. Students can customize their RMIN/FNCE program from a list of courses which allow students to seek a specialty in Corporate Risk Management, Personal Financial Planning , or Financial Institutions.

Following is a description of specialties available to students pursuing a joint concentration in RMIN/FNCE (for more information on the courses required to complete these specialties visit the RMIN Homepage or talk to one the RMIN faculty).

For more information on the individual Risk Management & Insurance concentration clicking on the image above.

London & Bermuda Trip


Trip To London And Bermuda: International Insurance Markets In Bermuda And London

This exciting course allows you to experience the insurance world first hand. The trip includes networking opportunities at different insurance and brokerage companies in both Bermuda and London. You will also enjoy the chance to shadow an underwriter or broker at Lloyd's of London, who are known to insure everything from the Titanic, to the Lockness Monster, and Troy Polamalu's hair.

Participants will have opportunities to network and learn from insurance brokers, underwriters, risk managers, re-insurers, and insurance company executives in Bermuda and London. The program begins in Bermuda, which has quickly become the world’s second most important insurance market. You will also  get the chance to visit the likes of Chubb insurance, AIG, Ed, and OIL & OCIL and meet with industry leaders. The experience will help increase your understanding of the insurance world. 

Visits to these two thriving cities will introduce participants to a variety of new risk management alternatives and to the operation of the increasingly global insurance market



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